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November, 2007
Escuelas Pías, UNED, Madrid, Spain


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Mono Summit 07

The Mono Summit will be held in Madrid, Spain from November 26th to November 30th of 2007.

The Mono Summit is a place to come discuss using Mono to create new applications for Linux, Windows, MacOS or embedded devices or learn how to port your existing applications from Windows to Linux, learn what Mono and Linux have to offer for .NET developers.

Mono is a cross-platform, open source implementation of the .NET Framework with its own ecosystem.

Planning Meeting

The planning meeting on Monday and Tuesday is open to contributors to the Mono project to discuss goals, roadmap, objectives and help plan and prioritize the tasks for the Mono project.

This includes Mono, Moonlight and Olive as well as discussing future developments

Developer Meeting

The Developer Meeting will be held from Wednesday to Friday, we will open with a status report on the Mono project, some success stories from this past year and we will host sessions on the current state of key components of the projects.

This year we will be allocating more free face-to-face time for people to talk to the developers by having explicit "Meet the Experts" sessions, and dedicating the afternoons for un-conference sessions, hacking and consulting.

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The event will take place at the Escuelas Pias, a school that is part of the UNED, the address is Google Maps

Escuelas Pías c/ Tribulete, 14 Madrid, Spain.

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Can I attend?

Yes. The event is free and oriented to everybody interested in Mono development.


The event is free, but you need to register to confirm the assistance. You can make the pre-subscription in this website in the right.


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